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About Me

I'm Heather! I live in Oakville, ON, which is planting Zone 6B. Im a wife and mother and a reader and a writer and a decent camper and a terrible meat chef and a fairly good friend.

My blog is my space to write about my adventures (and misadventures, let's be real) in the garden, sprinkling in the occasional swear word (again, let's be real) and pop culture reference (because, fun).


I'm not a master gardener (hence, in part, the "Halfway Garden") however I love learning about botany and horticulture. I love talking and thinking about flowers, shrubs, and trees. And I love observing how plants and people exist and thrive together, creating excitement and nostalgia and curiosity.


Gardening can be seen as a space for experts - or those with oceans of time. Let's break that down and together find the interest / confidence to try something in our garden or urban space that brings joy (and greenery) to our lives -  success be damned!

Me on my wedding day. We paid thousands for our photos, and printed about five... using this here to continue to justify the cost!
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